Holly Oil is a manmade product that is manufactured in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada by All Deep Neuromuscular Massage.  This product was discovered and produced in 1993, with patents pending.  The main drive to develop this unique massage oil was to create a clear, non-staining, pure oil with unlimited shelf life.

Holly Oil is derived from a pressing process.  The oil comes from the branches and leafs of the holly plant and is then de-ionized.  A water based Vitamin E (Cyclo-Alocaine) is then added along with Jojoba as a therapeutic moisturizer to add glide.  The oil is not as thick as French Grapeseed of Sweet Almond
which allows you to use less, not more. (Also see Holly Oil Ingredients)

The positive aspects of Holly Oil are that it is a non-scented , non-staining oil.  It will not cause allergic reactions as it is not a nut based oil.  It is the perfect carrier oil for essential oils and can be stored on a shelf, even after opening.  You will not have to worry about refrigeration as the Holly Oil has an unlimited shelf life.  Mix any Holly Oil and essential oil in small batches, as the essential oil does have a limited shelf life.

An increasing amount of therapists are now using Holly Oil, most being referred by other therapists.  Holly Oil will not clog pores or leave an oily residue on the client.  It will be absorbed by the body with no ill effects, similar to the property of a sweet almond oil.



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